Remember, after

Remember, after Here also it turns out that, naming the kid absolutely name which is not suitable for him, parents impose traits of character not peculiar to it which form the personality.

Remember, after all at least once the name played really crucial role lives of each of us.

For example, all of us know, women, both in young, and at mature age are how impressionable.

One tell fortune in hope to learn destiny, others trust the dreams to stars and lunar phases.

The third attach huge significance to compatibility of names.

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When children

When children Children are silent.

Also escaped.

And I.

If ktonibud at the wrong time says and I, it causes laughter in children, and the child pays a forfeit.

When children well understand rules of the game, they will think out short stories and to carry out a role of the leader.


Equipment: a set of counters for each playing.

Occupation course.

The teacher tells to children that he will tell them a tale, and children have to put on one counter and remember this tale.

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At once will

At once will!

Perish the thought!

And now the sea kneedeep.

I to the last drove the car and now I consider that anything terrible in it is not present.

I remember, the father wash all joked: You if you violate rules, and you will be stopped, right there leave, undo a fur coat and tych the GAI officer a stomach.

At once will release, they are afraid of pregnant women.


Suddenly he will shake finger at you, and you will start giving birth.

It is better not to communicate!

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The childs

The childs Experience of the second Variny childbirth is in many respects instructive therefore I cannot but tell about it.

Childbirth at it began early in the morning where that after four she felt fights.

The childs birth business long, she therefore at once did not begin to be going to maternity hospital thought.

In general, in many books advise not to rush like mad in medical institution at the first signs of childbirth, and to endure their first period of the house in native walls and a cozy situation, and to go to maternity hospital when the interval between fights reaches where that five minutes.

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It is necessary

It is necessary But this tendency extends on all levels of Japanese society and controls public, political and cultural actions.

Amae encourages passive dependence and unconditional fidelity to everything that costs above on a social ladder.

Amae denies belief in own abilities and talent.

It is necessary to wait patiently for suitable time for manifestation of the advantages even if you considerably surpass the less worthy chiefs.

The president of big Japanese firm told me that for those who eternally gets out into the forefront to show own competence, it reserves the term immaturity.

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