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Remember, after

Here also it turns out that, naming the kid absolutely name which is not suitable for him, parents impose traits of character not peculiar to it which form the personality.Remember, after all at least once the name played really crucial role lives of each of us.For example, all of us know, women, both in young, and at mature age are how impressionable.One tell fortune in hope to learn destiny, others trust the dreams to stars and lunar phases.The third attach huge significance to compatibility of names.

When children

Children are silent.Also escaped.And I.If ktonibud at the wrong time says and I, it causes laughter in children, and the child pays a forfeit.When children well understand rules of the game, they will think out short stories and to carry out a role of the leader.WHO WILL NOTICE THE TASK TALES MORE?Equipment: a set of counters for each playing.Occupation course.The teacher tells to children that he will tell them a tale, and children have to put on one counter and remember this tale.

At once will

!Perish the thought!And now the sea kneedeep.I to the last drove the car and now I consider that anything terrible in it is not present.I remember, the father wash all joked: You if you violate rules, and you will be stopped, right there leave, undo a fur coat and tych the GAI officer a stomach.At once will release, they are afraid of pregnant women.Why?Suddenly he will shake finger at you, and you will start giving birth.It is better not to communicate!

The childs

Experience of the second Variny childbirth is in many respects instructive therefore I cannot but tell about it.Childbirth at it began early in the morning where that after four she felt fights.The childs birth business long, she therefore at once did not begin to be going to maternity hospital thought.In general, in many books advise not to rush like mad in medical institution at the first signs of childbirth, and to endure their first period of the house in native walls and a cozy situation, and to go to maternity hospital when the interval between fights reaches where that five minutes.

It is necessary

But this tendency extends on all levels of Japanese society and controls public, political and cultural actions.Amae encourages passive dependence and unconditional fidelity to everything that costs above on a social ladder.Amae denies belief in own abilities and talent.It is necessary to wait patiently for suitable time for manifestation of the advantages even if you considerably surpass the less worthy chiefs.The president of big Japanese firm told me that for those who eternally gets out into the forefront to show own competence, it reserves the term immaturity.

It is not necessary

How to reach it?There are four groups of changes: to change idea of itself and the shyness; to change the behavior; to change the direction of thoughts and actions of other people; to change the certain social factors promoting shyness.It is not necessary sharp steps.The block behind the block as a great Egyptian pyramid, we will construct selfconfidence.There is no miracle, fast cure of treatment, sladkopakhnushchy snake ointment of doctor Zimbardo will not bring social success.

It is the truth: the feeling

The boxer or the famous tennis player will immediately get to a children environment, and the one who only talks profusely, will be ruthlessly left alone.Most often our guests note that it is impossible to distinguish children from employees.It is the truth: the feeling of a unification is very strong when children feel support.The teacher as that is allocated with nothing.Pupils and employees eat same and submit to rules of the hostel, identical to all.

Number of players: By the beginning

Theater from old gloves Age: years.Number of players: By the beginning of spring in a case a large number of separate childrens mittens and gloves always accumulates.Do not hurry them to throw out we want to suggest you suit glove theater.For this purpose color buttons, a thread with a needle, gouache paints and, of course, your imagination will be necessary.Doll house Age: let.Number of players: Make a doll lodge, having fastened together four boxes of the identical size: two from below, two from above.

To this look

To this look we carried cases of the wrong reading of the terminations words, the forms of number, a sort leading to violations, a vra pass etc.This group joined only those mistakes, which the child allowed when reading the dependent word phrases, that is the form of the main word was to it so far it is unknown.For example, a zhilabyla a goat lived there was a goat, zhilbyl a goat; at forest gate at forest collar; to them frosts are not terrible to them Moro is not terrible zy; she saw the ant sinks, and threw to him a branch she saw the ant sinks, and rushed to him a branch.

There was that

The doctor told: it is improbable, this miracle.Children in a womb geniuses, at them are the highest level of communicative opportunities and abilities to training as ever in life.Till todays moment was considered that the child in an unconscious womb, has opportunities less than the person.There was that it not so.Mrs.H reports: I had a probability of an abortion, the doctor advised to make abortion.However my husband refused and always spoke to the child, having put the hand on my stomach: be strong and you will be issued.

At the second

At the first the child with congenital violation of all immune system or its partial defeat can be born.Such children already since the birth continuously are ill.In the first months of life they need to be surveyed in specialized clinics.At the second the child is born healthy, however further diseases, mental injuries, any stress can be the cause of defeat of immune system.Late applying to a breast weakens immunity!Consider that the newborn has a stress at a separation it from mother right after childbirth, at its late applying to a breast.

In spite

I believed that I will pass entrance examinations in institute of the dream because I achieved considerable results in development of software training in images about which I was skeptical.At first I did not trust in it.After I learned from my teacher about boundless opportunities of software and force of images, I started being trained.In spite of the fact that I was intense a day before examination, at examination I was quiet.I will never forget that condition of pleasure when learned that I arrived.


Zhanna Hebrew: Gods favor.Josephine Hebrew: increased by God.Zhyulyetta derivative of Yulia.Entertainment Old Russian: cheerful.Zabira Arab: stronghold, force.Zara Arab: gold.Zarema Turkic: a scarlet dawn.Sarin Arab: gold.Zarif Arab: witty, elegance.Zemfira Latin: rebellious.Zinaida Ancient Greek: belonging to Zeus.Ziniya Ancient Greek: hospitable.Zinoviya Ancient Greek: life which was spared by Zeus.


Ability of the instant account.Perfect ear.Ability to languages.From for this dominance of the right brain during this period children are geniuses.When training in language there is a learning by means of the right brain, and there is a learning by means of the left brain.In the first three years learning goes at the expense of the right hemisphere if during this period there was no training in language, speaking becomes almost impossible.Geniuses and predictors are born from people who use the right brain.

Then ask the child

That absolutely to confuse you, the child in general will put nothing under cups, and you will vainly fight, trying to guess where the coin is hidden Salt and pepper Age: years.Number of players: any.Mix a little salt and pepper.Then ask the child to separate a spoon salt from pepper.Of course, these attempts will not bring any result.A secret here in what.It is necessary to rub a spoon about a sweater, it is desirable made of artificial wool or fiber, and then to take it over mix.

Help them

Feel love, sympathy and empathy Your task to help to overcome shyness to both the child, and neighbours, and even to your students.Help them to understand that attractive is in each of them.Begin with a compliment to the child or students on the fact that they made, or that in them is pleasant to you.Tell: How you manage to do hair such beautiful?, but it is not simple: You have beautiful hair or It was always pleasant to me as you joke or: as you solve problems you always find the original solution.

It accordion

Sample: A saw that do?saw, saw off, saw.Screwdriver that do?A shovel that do?Braid that do?An axe that do?Rake that do?A hammer that do?Exercise Musicians.Musicians play musical instruments.Call each musician on a sample.Sample: The bear cub plays an accordion.It accordion player.Exercise Where lie?From where we will take?The father asked Vanya to bring him from a workshop tools.

I decide

The shivering moist hands, face reddening, spasms in a stomach.There is a wish to run away.She recognizes me and will feel irritation from that, that I did not listen.Why I become such nervous, what I cannot remember anything?Perhaps I should pass one more course?Course silly.task ridiculous, and I am ridiculous.I decide to drink stakes.I decide to observe the guy who is engaged in the same it not helps.I try to find the necessary book in shop.


As soon as the child wakes up, he from a bed, warm, is dipped into a bathtub, then muffles in a sheet, at once puts on and starts other hygienic procedures.At contrast procedures the bloodgroove in nasopharyngeal area significantly improves.Therefore at growth of adenoides and chronic tonsillitis contrast procedures in combination with food which is recommended in the previous conversations are shown.Beganiye on snow If the child got used to douche by a foot cold water, during the winter period it is possible to strengthen the tempering effect running barefoot on snow.

Then the teacher

After that the teacher asks children why the poem is called Confusion.Children who put counters, asks to call the noticed tales.Then the teacher reads the following part of the poem; surely watches that children did not get tired as game demands big intellectual tension.At the end of the game it is necessary to praise those who noticed more tales and correctly explained them.Further it is possible to use also other tales, for example K.Chukovskys poem Pleasure.

Once you waited

This vaccination was done to the kid who had signs of increase of intra cranial pressure after the delivery.Once you waited with an inoculation to , years, is written to instructions, to begin vaccination not earlier than in months after disappearance of pathological symptoms and only after the conclusion of the neuropathologist and there would be no such trouble.This child after months began to develop well, and the doctor, in defiance of the instruction, decided to do vaccination, despite the symptoms taking place in the first months of life of the kid.

V you the unlimited

If you had one night for occupations by love with any person in the world whom you would choose?One month of life Present that you have a fatal disease and you needed to live one month.V you the unlimited number of money and still is enough health.How you will spend your last month?Where you will go?What will you do?Who will be with you?How you will carry out the last day?How you will die?Who will be with you in the last minutes?

I did not lose

Prenatal nervous trembling Being the second time of the pregnant woman, I did not doubt seconds that I will go the blazed road, i.e.I will give birth under the contract in ohms maternity hospital.I did not lose touch with Olesya Viktorovna, and it appeared here good luck!that she by that moment was appointed the manager of paid office.That is she conducted pregnant women on VHI, contracts signed too, and respectively delivered platnitsa.


Share Slavic: destiny, course of life.Dominica Latin: madam, from a mans name of Dominique.Blast furnace Latin: madam, hostess.Don Tajik: kernel.Dora derivative of Feodor.Dorofei Ancient Greek: Charisma, from a mans name Dorofei.Eve Hebrew: live, life, first female name.Evgenia Ancient Greek: noble, from a mans name Evgeny.Eudoxia Greek: goodwill.Evlaliya Ancient Greek: eloquence.Evlampiya Ancient Greek: soft, pleasant light.

Where this

But in a few minutes, already in a tray, the child calms down, and we see still later: the kid is happy, to him it is good in water.It is difficult to overestimate value of process of communication of the child with the mother.Where this process happened: on home cuisine, about the computer in the fathers office, in a garden or in the subway.Any touches of mother to the child the help to it in development.Any joint actions for example, cooking, a lunch or cleaning of the apartment acquaint the child with human culture.

It is necessary

An exception is mass express inspection of children at their selection on a school logopunkt or inspection of graduates of kindergartens, etc.As a rule, parents ask to settle down at some distance so that the child felt their presence, but did not see them constantly.It is necessary for the following reasons.Vopervykh, presence of mother or father inspires the child, does it quieter and surer.Sometimes he even turns around to see reaction of parents.

Any happy

Any happy man never killed and did not steal.Any happy chief never kept the subordinates in awe.All crimes, all rage, all wars can be reduced to unhappiness.This book attempt to show how there is a misfortune as it destroys human life and that it is possible to make that the misfortune, whenever possible, did not arise.Moreover, it is the book about a concrete place Sammerkhill where the childrens misfortune recovers and that is even more important, children are raised in happiness.

The comment

Children approve or correct the heard option.It is possible to ask children that they every time explained quality of a sound: soft it or firm.The kid puts the subject in the corresponding hole of a tray and defines their place in the context of the word.The comment In this exercise igrushkupredmt it is possible to replace with pictures.It is easier to pick up them in any quantity.To carry out exercise repeatedly, offering children of a box with various subjects or pictures.

The teacher

At the end of the game the teacher specifies: What to you helped to get a ball?The ball lay highly, and you small.You got up on a stool and became higher.To you the stool helped to get a ball.GAME GET THE TOY!Equipment: clockwork toy, key.Occupation course.The teacher invites the child and gives it a key from a clockwork toy.The clockwork toy in a transparent package hangs highly.The child has to get it, having used as a supportive application a banquette.

Girls litsedeystvut

Sammerkhillsky actors have no fear of a scene.To look at kids continuous delight, they live the roles with full sincerity.Girls litsedeystvut with bigger readiness, than boys.Boys till years in general very seldom play on stage and if do it, only in gangster plays of own composition, and some children so never and do not rise by a stage simply do not wish.For many years works we found out that the worst actors is those who litsedeystvut in life.To such child anywhere from itself not to get to, and on a scene he is occupied only by itselfhimself.

We already

Leontyevs remark, as well as a bolypinstvo of operations in activity of the person, is result of training, mastering socially developed ways and means of action Page It demands from the reader of the uniform direction of scanning of information from left to right.Change of this direction leads to translation errors of visual information in the speech.We already mentioned that reading is translation process of information from one code in another.In oral speech we use a sound code.

It is possible

Straws for drinks differ with color, length and thickness.For certain in kakomnibud a box spoons, forks and knives from different sets lie alternately.Let children will attentively study them to the smallest curls on handles and will find relatives.It is possible to mix pasta of different forms and to ask kids to sort them.Let they will divide mix of peas, haricot and lentil into three groups.Mix any subjects and products, your assistants will patiently put everything in order.

August : Alkiviad, Joaquim, Lavrenti, Nicodemus, Neil, Saviour, Herimon. August


It is especially noted that to specific difficulties of training the states caused by primary violations of sight, hearing or a motility, intellectual backwardness, emotional frustration, and also adverse sociocultural or economic living conditions do not belong.Scientific British Dyslexia Association Great Britain even more expand the concept dyslexia, allocating in structure of this violation additional symptoms.The dyslexia is defined by them as a neurologic condition of an organic origin which symptoms can be shown in the form of the isolated or complex violation of reading, the letter, spelling, written language, the account and the musical letter.

To the child

The reason the boy rode a branch; a consequence of the first on row broke a branch; a consequence of the second order injured to itself a hand fig.Occupation course.To the child suggest to consider the picture and to tell that there it is represented and that occurred.In case of difficulty the teacher asks: What the tree grew?Who stands near a tree?What happened to a branch?What happened to the boys hand?Who broke a branch?Whether the boy what he broke a branch regrets?

Do not cost

And anything, no money or positions of the world, cost simple family happiness.Do not cost those blissful minutes when your child, having nestled all over, looks for calm and protection in your embraces.Do not cost sincere words of love which it, filling up, speaks to you from a bed.Do not cost a pride and triumph which you test when you see its progress.Generally, in this world there are many important things, but more important own children are not present ANYTHING.And the voice of reason won.


POSTSCRIPT: For the container you could only use the file as an envelope.Memory intuition Game: Guess, what picture I show Prepare two it is similar looking pictures.Show to your child of one of them.Take out these two fig.and ask that they assumed what was it that you showed of remind of return of a debt to be surprised, they understand it VERY OFTEN!Bring animals to their mothers Show a picture with animals.Give to your child of young animals and ask that they brought animals to the mothers.

So into

My shtampovy consciousness such always also represented Grigory as well as Dasha for me is a dark girl.So into whom our swarty brunette as a result turned?In the blueeyed blonde!And the daughter too, though was born with dark hair, now carries fairhaired.And here I will overcome now on the Grisha and I think: Well, what you are Grishka?You are Stepka!And to that I Olya did not listen?Yes who knew, what such bluishblack little boy will decide to change a color?

Timid people

The timid person an antipode aggressive.Timid people seldom happen big sinners.Thanks to them in society the peace is maintained.One more advantage of shyness that the person becomes razborchivy in the relationship with others.It gives the chance to stand aside, to observe the events and only then to work carefully and after careful consideration.The timid person can be sure that will never consider him unpleasant, too aggressive or pretentious.

She found

Similar programs use in Klermonsky college Clermont, California, in advice center of doctor Dorothy of Smith.She found out that most of people is interested in workshops for timid, than workshops for training as the problem connected with difficulties of communication excites them much more, than a question of receiving narrow specialization in kakoynibud areas more.Like pennsylvanian clinic, the workshop for timid Clermonts cities pays special attention to training and practical use of skills of communication.


Thus on a card either the picture, or the word a warehouse is represented.Offering the real exercises with the mobile alphabet, we remember that all of them are real only after strictly certain presentation to the child of this classical language material M.Montessori.Where exercise In childrens groups of the House of Maria Montessori in Moscow, in others Montessori groups of Russia, in other countries was applied.Date Exercises are offered on materials of the international course of Montessori of pedagogics in the German Academy of development and rehabilitations Munich.

Once at meeting

Here somebody will smile and will tell: But your voice nevertheless has bigger value, after all the truth?Well, lets look.Once at meeting I made the offer that to none of pupils years are younger it was not allowed to smoke.I reasoned the offer so: smoking reception of poisonous drug, actually any appeal to children has no this occupation, simply they try to seem more adult.Counterarguments departed to me.Took vote.My offer was failed by the vast majority of voices.

Having reached

Children are built on one in a column, putting hands on shoulders ahead of the standing.The teacher, pointing to an arrow, speaks: Went!All start moving, sentencing: Chu Chu chu!The teacher conducts the train in one direction.Having reached the arrow designating turn he speaks: The arrow shows that it is necessary to turn here.The train moves to the following index: And here the arrow shows that it is necessary to turn in this party.The train goes in the new direction.

If you are interested

We read under the tape recorder times, every time the speed of reading increases in the end hardly we manage to say words and to turn pages.If you are interested in a question who increases reading speed the teacher, the tape recorder or parents, answer: Speed of reading is increased by the teacher, using the tape recorder, and parents follow the speed set by the tape recorder.This task on the tape recorder is issued in the form of a semisong semichant with music it seems, the muzsoprovozhdeniye is made on the computer.

Further: Be convinced

We saw each other at a party at Clark last week.Further: Be convinced that you were recognized.If is not present, repeat the name.Pay the person the compliment connected with your previous meeting, concerning his ideas, thoughts, the income, sense of humour so to speak, its features.Be persistent at purpose of appointment: I will be glad if you go with me to cinema this Friday.Be exact at an appointment place explanation.You have to imagine in advance, what is the time appointment can borrow.

Took offense

At best, he will turn to everything a deaf ear, in the worst will answer somehow inadequately.This time there came the worst case.Dimochka, I want to call the father that it brought us to maternity hospital, I chirped, and suddenly it is childbirth, you after all will remain with me?I will not be able.Today very important day, I has to be at work I simply choked with indignation.Took offense terribly.Dima!That you such say yes?

Conditions: when

GAME TREAT THE DOLL WITH TEA!Equipment: doll; doll wooden table; doll ware.Occupation course.The teacher suggests the child to treat a doll with tea.The doll sits on a stool at a table.At a table three legs, and the fourth, broken off, lies near a table.The ware is on other table.Conditions: when on a table at which the doll sits, put ware, the table falls.The child has to find the reason of falling of a table, i.e.lack of one leg, to find it and to insert into place.


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